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Lamees Matriculation

Ahlan, everyone! Welcome to my intro blog! 

My name is Lamees Kareem, and I am a ’22 (freshman) from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

As you maneuver your way through the somewhat nerve-racking college application process, let my blog be a source of insight for you about life at Dartmouth! Whether you are an international student or not, I am sure you will find my fellow bloggers’ and my experiences rather informative as to what the dynamic at Dartmouth is like.

I am from Jeddah, a coastal city onlooking the Red Sea on the West of Saudi Arabia. 

Jeddah - Destination KSA
Jeddah Corniche (waterfront). Photo credits: Baarma, Basma. Destination Jeddah.
A place I’ve been calling home for my entire life, Jeddah has been undergoing drastic, lively changes lately with movie theaters launching and women on the road (woohoo)! My favorite part about it, besides family, friends and food, is probably the beach; the Red Sea is a gorgeous oasis, especially if you are a scuba-diver (you might just fall in love).
lamees beach
In my element. (I'm going to miss the sun)

I’ve been blessed with an incredibly supportive family who pushes me to pursue my dreams, even if they take me 6188 miles away (right, Baba?).

The most common question I get, which you may be curious about, is: “Of all the places in the world, why did you choose Dartmouth?”

Dartmouth, a college precisely in deserto (the wilderness, as our college motto accurately says), is so different from the environment and lifestyle I am used to. Yet, that is precisely what inspired me to come here!  From freshman DOC Trips to seeing snow for the first time, the experiences I will encounter at Dartmouth will continuously encourage me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible.

During my fervent search for colleges across the country, I simply did not find a place that cared more about its undergraduates than Dartmouth did. Whether it was from the constant outreach I received from Admissions or the upperclassmen reaching out to chat, this community just seemed like a nurturing, welcoming patch of green I could see myself spending the next four years in. 

As I shop for snow boots and brace for the cold, I want to welcome you again to my page and invite you to embark on this life-changing journey with me.


Lamees boots
Look what came in the mail!

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