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Freshman summer. What a time! Your freshman summer is the first term in your D-Plan that YOU control. You could continue to be “on” in Hanover taking classes. You could take an “off” term and intern in DC or work for a startup in San Francisco. Or, you could study abroad for the first time!

Study abroad was one of the main reasons why I loved Dartmouth as a prospective student. It was something I knew I wanted to take advantage of during my time here. So, when it came time to figure out what I wanted to do freshman summer, I looked into my options to study abroad.

For anyone new to Dartmouth study abroad, we have 3 main types of programs: the LSA, the LSA+, and the FSP. LSA stands for Language Study Abroad; FSP stands for Foreign Study Program. LSAs have a language and cultural immersion focus while FSPs are run through certain academic departments and focus on that department’s coursework. The LSA+ is very similar to the LSA except you have to take more language courses before going. So, your level of fluency in the language is higher before the program starts.

I found a program that sounded incredible: the LSA+ to Santander, Spain. This term changed my life. It’ll be hard to summarize in one blog post all of the incredible details, but I’ll try my best! Here are the 10 reasons why this program rocks: