As a distance runner, I was fortunate to have easy access to a wealth of running trails at home – whether it be on dirt, asphalt, around the lakes, or in the park. My high school track days may be over, but I came to Hanover knowing I wanted to keep running, for the sake of fitness as well as my mental well-being. After getting some advice from my First-Year Trip leaders on what places to check out, I decided to just put on my GPS watch and give it a go!


Running has been the most effective way for me to explore the Upper Valley and familiarize myself with the scenery while getting the opportunity to get away from campus for a little while (which, as much as I love Dartmouth’s campus, is really important). If you're looking for a community of people to run with, the Dartmouth Running Team and Dartmouth Triathalon Team are awesome club opportunities — and all levels of ability are welcomed! Whether you plan to run with a club team, with friends, or by yourself, I’ve compiled a list of three easy routes that I’ve found the most success with. There are hundreds more out there, ranging from a half mile to twenty, that you can find with a simple Google search. The ones listed are great for beginners and made by yours truly. Check them out below!

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