Jul throwing discus.

Welcome to Edinburgh

It's officially been two weeks since I packed up and flew across the ocean to begin my study abroad program at the University of Edinburgh. Studying abroad has been on my college to-do list since high school.

How I Chose My Study Abroad Program

Hello from Edinburgh, Scotland where I am settling into my apartment and exploring the city in preparation for my study abroad term! I will be spending this term (18F) studying at the University of Edinburgh's New College School of Divinity.

Women of Dartmouth

The history of women at Dartmouth is surprisingly very recent as the College only began to admit female students in the fall of 1972. In the 46 years since, women have become a defining aspect of the Dartmouth community.

Why I Love Being a Religion Major

When I started my freshman fall, I was completely sure that I was going to be an engineering major.