Jul throwing discus.

Five Things to Look Forward to During Spring Term

With many of my friends back from their off-terms, I am excited for the many different events happening at Dartmouth this term. Here the five things I look forward to most each spring!

Dartmouth In A Few Words

At the beginning of the term, all of us bloggers gathered together to share a meal and catch up on our current writing and work ideas. One of the brainstorming activities we did involved compiling a list of words that encapsulated Dartmouth to us.

A Day in the Life of 19W

As we settle into 19W, I wanted to share what a typical day looks like for me. 

D-Plan Friendships

One of my favourite parts about being a student at Dartmouth is the D-Plan.

Yes, I'm Still in School

Admist the incredible adventure that is studying abroad, it is sometimes hard to remember that I still am taking a full course load.