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An incredible crowd at the Dartmouth-Harvard game in Cambridge!
Lily and I at Yankee Stadium!

Some of my best friends are members of the football team here at school! The past few weekends, they have played in two incredible games and I was lucky enough to have been present for both of them! Around a quarter of all students here at Dartmouth are varsity athletes. As an athlete myself, I know how special it is when other members of the student body come out to support our games, races, meets, and competitions.

Dartmouth vs. Harvard at Harvard Stadium in Boston!

While many different student groups ran busses down to Cambridge, a couple friends and I decided to drive down to the game! With just over 20,000 people in attendance, it was one of the largest college sporting events I have ever attended. The Dartmouth side of the stadium was packed with current students, alumni and families! It was awesome to see some of my friends that have graduated and who decided to come to the game.

It was a low-scoring game with both teams playing great defence. With about two minutes left in the fourth quarter, the score was 6-3 in Harvard's favor. My friends and I almost decided to leave the game because it didn't seem as though anything was going to happen, and that Dartmouth was going to lose. One of my roommates suggested that we wait it out, as we had driven all the way down for the game. We decided to stay and just as we sat back down, Dartmouth completed a hail-Mary pass into the end-zone to score a last second touchdown. The fans erupted as Dartmouth secured the win, 9-6.

It was an insane comeback to witness but it was even more heartwarming to see generations of Dartmouth alumni and fans come together to support and celebrate our football team! I loved being able to look around and see a group of people tied together by a love for an incredibly special place.

Dartmouth vs. Princeton at Yankee Stadium in New York City!

A weekend in the city is one of my favorite college getaways. With the Dartmouth Coach running direct service to New York City, it is incredible easy to travel to and from Hanover. After morning practice on Friday, my best friend and I hopped in the car and drove down to Greenwich, Connecticut. From here we took the train into the city. On Saturday, we headed to the Dartmouth sponsored tailgate. Alums and current students were celebrating Dartmouth's 250th birthday and the opportunity to play at Yankee Stadium. It was so awesome to be surrounded by other members of the Dartmouth family.

We headed across the street to Yankee Stadium. I had never been to Yankee Stadium before, so it was so cool to be able to see our football team play there. It was an incredible game, with Dartmouth leading the whole time. The game helped secure the Ivy League title and when our team won, the Dartmouth fans exploded! It was really special to see our team play in such a historic venue.

Overall, I think it is incredibly special to be able to support our fellow classmates and peers in their extracurricular activities! I love football season and this one hasn't disappointed!

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