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One of my favourite places in the Upper Valley - Quechee Gorge.

It’s summer and I can’t help but freak out a little! It’s crazy to think that I am going to be starting my senior year in the fall. My time here at Dartmouth has been an absolutely incredible experience – one that has flown by WAY TOO FAST. Thankfully, I’m able to spend this summer on campus, enjoying the beautiful weather before I begin my last year of college.

I’m writing this blog post from a desk at the Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Office. While bloggers often frequent this office for team meetings and workshops, I’m here for a new reason. June brought the end of spring term and final exams, commencement and reunions, and it also ushered in a new chapter of my time here at the Admissions Office. After two years of working solely as a blogger, I’m excited to start my role as a Senior Fellow. Joined in the position by two of my classmates, Jasmine and Jonathan, I am eager to begin learning in this new position.

Senior Fellows begin working full-time during the summer before their senior year. Throughout the summer, we are given a variety of different tasks, ranging from helping greet guests at the front desk, to blogging, to learning how to give an information session. I think that this role is a great way for me to apply the topics I blog about in real life through answering questions in person from prospective students and their families, to sharing specific knowledge when giving information sessions.

As I look forward to my senior year at school, I have the opportunity to continue my fellowship until graduation. While the school year can be hectic between having track and field practice, homework and academic commitments, being a Senior Fellow offers me a few hours each week to slow down and reflect on what I love about this place…and trust me, there’s a lot.

While I won’t be blogging as frequently as I have been for the past two years, you can still expect to hear from me. I look forward to sharing the new adventures that senior year no doubt has in store for me. And if you happen to stop by the Admissions Office, I look forward to speaking with you!

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