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One of my favorite buildings on campus, Bartlett Hall!

When I was a high school student, I had no idea what to expect in college. I knew it was going to be hard, but I had never attended a college class and had no idea about what real time management was. Being a student at Dartmouth, a varsity athlete, taking three classes and trying to maintain a healthy social life can be challenging to say the least. Thankfully, early on in my time at Dartmouth, I learned about a resource that has become instrumental to my life.

The Academic Skills Center is a department located in Baker-Berry library. The office is committed to helping students reach their academic goals. The "ASC" offers different services and resources to make this possible.

As a sophomore, I was introduced to the ASC by a good friend who had been utilizing their resources. I set up a one-on-one academic coaching meeting with one of their advisors. At our first meeting, we talked about my classes, my schedule, my goals and also my challenges. From there, we scheduled weekly meetings on Monday mornings where I would stop in and we would construct a weekly schedule. While this is something I probably could have done on my own, having a second set of eyes to help me plan my daily activities and homework time alleviated a lot of stress and surprisingly opened up more free time. I found myself sticking to this schedule and being more intentional with my time.

The ASC also offers tutorials and resources to help develop and improve learning strategies. From notetaking tutorials to turning readings into audiobooks, I have utilized a lot of these resources and seen a positive impact on my academic life. Additionally, the ASC works with the Tutor Clearinghouse to organize and match Dartmouth students with peer tutors. Each Dartmouth student receives three free hours of tutoring per week, per class. Students can also join study groups or request conversation partners to practice a language.

The Academic Skills Center is just one of the few ways that the Dartmouth community has helped me balance my academic and personal pursuits, and I am so thankful for it!

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