Jul throwing discus.
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As student-athletes in the Ivy League, not only are we competing in one of the most competitive conferences in the country, we are balancing immense learning schedules. For the average varsity athlete at Dartmouth, athletics usually consume around 20 hours a week. On top of homework and tutoring sessions, the day can fly by. Here's what my usual Monday looks like as a member of the varsity track and field team! 

8:30 AM: Wake-up! I get ready in my room and check my e-mails. I like to confirm my schedule for the day before my day starts. I usually eat breakfast in my room and then grab Starbucks before heading to class.

10:10 AM: My first class is a religion class where we are studying classic academic works in the field! I drink my coffee during class to give me a boost for the day.

11:30 AM: After class I head to the Academic Skills Center where I meet weekly with an advisor. My advisor helps me plan my weekly schedule from classes to practices to appointments to homework time. Scheduling is a really important part of my life, especially when I am competing in-season and traveling most weekends!

12:00 PM: After my meeting at Academic Skills I head to a meeting with one of my other profs. I like to meet profs during their office hours to go over any content from class that I don't understand or have missed when we are traveling for away meets.

12:50 PM: I don't usually have time for lunch on Mondays, so I pack some snacks to eat during my next class that starts at 12:50. This is an English class where we are learning about the history and study of journalism.

2:15 PM: Class ends at 1:55 so I quickly drop my backpack at my room and head to the field house where I will have practice and lift. Practice usually lasts for 3-4 hours. If the weather is nice, we might even get to practice outside!

Hammer Field
This is the field where we practice throwing!

5:30 PM: I grab a quick dinner at the dining hall with my teammates after we are done with practice and enjoy a little bit of socialization with any friends I see there.

7:00 PM: By 7:00 I've eaten and showered and usually head to the library to start my homework. Tonight, if I don't have any papers due soon, I'll have around 150 pages of close readings and like to work with some of my other friends who are in my classes as well.

Studying :)

10:00 PM: While some people will still be working at the library, I usually head home around 10:00 to go to sleep. Getting enough sleep is a very important part of being an student-athlete. 

I would be lying if I said that being an Ivy League student-athlete was easy. However, reagardless of how overwhelming and difficult it can sometimes be, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world.