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Competing at home on Memorial field!

During my time here at Dartmouth, I've had the opportunity to compete on two varsity sports teams: basketball and track and field. Athletics have always been a part of my life and I have been fortunate enough to continue that journey through college. While balancing athletics, academics, extracurriculars and work can sometimes be a challenge, I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm excited to use this blog post to explain a little more about one of the best things about being a varsity athlete here at the College – a program called "Dartmouth Peak Performance," or DP2 for short.

Dartmouth Peak Performance was established as a program to aid student-athletes in their athletic, academic, and personal growth. DP2 acts as an umbrella of services and resources for student-athletes. The holistic approach of the program "help[s] Big Green student-athletes pursue excellence in all areas of their lives." So, what are these services? From academic support, to career development, to leadership performance and sports psychology, there are numerous difference resources for student-athletes to access. All of these programs are free for student-athletes to access and are extremely important to an athlete's success on and off the playing field!

How have I utilized DP2? Each and every day, I make use of the DP2 services offered to student-athletes. My daily strength and conditioning program and PT time with our team trainer are both things that fall under the DP2 umbrella. Each Tuesday and Sunday night I attend student-athlete yoga to work on my flexibility and core strength. Weekly massage therapy slots help with recovery and get me ready for a new lifting cycle or competition. Lastly, one of the valuable services available to student-athletes is our nutritionist, Shira. Shira can meet with athletes to devise healthy meal plans, talk about the best kind of snacks to eat before competition, and help with weight gain or loss goals (to name a few). Being an athlete means taking care of your body and fueling it properly. Appointments with a nutritionist can help ensure you are achieving these goals.

Dartmouth Peak Performance is one of the resources that makes being a student-athlete so enjoyable and my athletic goals so attainable. I am incredibly thankful for the resources that have been available to me these past three years and I look forward to utilizing them during my senior year. To learn more about DP2, visit this link.

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