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On my way to class.

Two years ago (crazy, right?), I wrote a blog post about a religion class that not only epitomized the liberal arts in my mind but convinced me to become a religion major. The class was called "Protestant Reformations" and was taught by three professors: Professors Balmer, Carroll, and Swayne. You can read more about that class here.

When I was writing that article, I reflected on my freshman year at Dartmouth. I wrote, "What I've realized over my past year here is that knowledge is so much more than just obtaining a degree. Dartmouth is committed to "the creation of knowledge" — the creation of a lifelong passion that will help me become more than just a professional."

Well, hi! Here I am two years later taking yet another class with Professor Balmer. This is a class I am taking solely based on interest and passion. In this class, we've learned about the history of the United States of America, the presidency, and how religion has potentially affected both of those things. We started with the formation of the colonies and by week seven have worked our way up to the Vietnam War. I chose to take this class because I wanted to learn more about American history. Growing up in Canada, we focused on our own history and now, I am constantly interested in further understanding the country where I attend school.

While this class is not needed for my religion major, I think it's awesome that I can apply what I've learned to different subject areas such as government and history. Being able to take something I've learned in a religion class and using that knowledge to contribute to a conversation about the foundation of the U.S. federal government is one of the ways that the liberal arts curriculum manifests.

While I may have figured out what I wanted to study and have a slight idea about what I want to do after graduation, those words I wrote two years ago still ring true. As I experience senior year academically, athletically, socially, and personally, I am continuously reminded that "knowledge is so much more than just obtaining a degree."

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