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After a glorious few months in New Zealand working with a professor at the University of Auckland–which I'm happy to discuss in a future blog post–I arrived home to a toilet paper shortage and an ever-eager father insisting that we make the most of the situation. He earnestly designed a family brochure, using a Microsoft Word template, entitled: "Unwrapping the Gifts of Corona: Questions to Answer as We Hold Basic Truths." These brochures were taped to our refrigerator and bathroom mirror, prompting us with questions like: "If I could look back in a year and see one great stride in any area of my inner life, what would it be? What about my outer life?" and "What, if any, skills, knowledge, habits and service would I like to develop in this newfound spaciousness?" I found these questions equally humorous and intimidating. How could we be pondering questions of personal development when we were about to run out of toilet paper?

Looking back, five months later, I have come to appreciate his desire for us to think critically about our mindset. We cannot control the economic recession, nor how states reopen, nor when we might return to normalcy. In this unpredictable state, it is easy to feel a loss of agency, a sense of powerlessness and frustration. These past months of navigating uncertainty have no doubt been challenging, but I've been thinking about some lessons that I want to share with you.

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