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Biden and Students

Hanover may be in a rural location, but we are far from isolated. As New Hampshire is the first primary in the country, we are a popular stop on the presidential campaign trail. In the summer of 2019, my close friends were able to shake hands with President Joe Biden and take selfies with Vice President Kamala Harris. 

From visits with David Harbour '97 (Chief Hopper from Stranger Things) to Barry Jenkins (Director of Moonlight), Dartmouth attracts some truly once-in-a-lifetime guests. Even during this remote time, campus organizations such as the Hopkins Center for the Arts and the Collis Center for Student Involvement have kept up a packed schedule of programming. In the fall, we had a fireside chat with Trevor Noah and current students got to interview him. Next week, we'll have a similar chat with Nick Kroll. Most recently, for our Martin Luther King Jr. 2021 Celebration, the keynote speaker was Dr. Shamell Bell–one of the original members of the Black Lives Matter movement. Even Martin Luther King Jr. himself paid Hanover a visit back in May 1962

It's not only this campus-wide programming that's so robust, but also the guest speakers who are invited to classes. My friends have been able to have lunch with Margaret Atwood (best known for The Handmaid's Tale), a writing workshop with Lemony Snicket, and a roundtable discussion with former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. In my favorite Spanish class, Argentine Tango, my professor invited Latin Grammy Award-winning musicians, the Pedro Giruardo Tango Quartet to perform for us. The term before, there was a class on Game of Thrones which featured David Benioff '92 as a guest speaker. Even the professors themselves are globally recognized scholars at the top of their fields. One friend read Charles Wheelan's book in high school and a year later, he was grading her papers! 

Overall, Dartmouth professors, organizations, and the general community work hard to ensure that there is always something exciting going on–whether it's an event open to the public or a guest speaker who will help bring course material to life. From dance performances and celebrity Q&As, to inspiring keynote addresses, I have been astounded by our varied and esteemed guests. As a Dartmouth student, I can guarantee you'll never be bored!

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