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When I started my freshman fall, I was completely sure that I was going to be an engineering major. I was incredibly interested in architecture and excited about the B.E. program that Dartmouth offered. However, after my first math class didn't go as well as I planned, I had some second thoughts. It was in meeting with one of my engineering/studio art professors shortly after my first midterm, that he began to explain the multi-faceted field of architecture. He told me that science and math were only a small part of architecture, the field needed lawyers and designers as well. It was around this time that I began to seriously think about the field of law.

Fast forward to the beginning of sophomore year. I took a religion class and was immediately hooked. Just as I had learned the field of architecture was muli-dimensional, so is the field of religion. I was able to study politics, history, and ethics all at the same time. Dartmouth's flexible liberal arts program allowed me to explore many different fields, from engineering to religion and everything inbetween, without penalty or loss of credits!

Now, as my sophomore year comes to a close, I am majoring in Religion and could not be more excited about the last two years of my studies. Here are some of the reasons that I love being a Religion major.