Jul throwing discus.
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Jul throwing discuss.

Here are some of my week 4 memories. Enjoy!

Jul's Porch.
The warmer weather means that doing homework outside is a great way to get some fresh air. The off-campus house where I live has a cute screened-in porch, and I've obsessed with doing work on our patio furniture as the sun sets.
Dartmouth Outing Club
The weather was so beautiful today that I took a walk around Occom Pond on the north side of campus. I couldn't help but stop and take a picture of the quaint Dartmouth Outing Club. The Outing Club, or "DOC" as it is more popularly known on campus, is a student-run organization that has been around for more than a century. The DOC offers many activities, from First-Year Trips to snowboard rentals, and everything in between.

Jul throwing discuss.
This photo was taken of me throwing discuss at our home track and field meet last weekend. It's always a lot of fun when our team gets to compete on campus. I love when my friends, classmates and professors are able to come watch our sport.

The new Hood Museum.
My class spent our Tuesday afternoon exploring the newly renovated Hood Museum. One of the curators led us through a reflection exercise where we worked towards understanding art better through different perspectives. We had an opportunity to split into small groups and learn more about specific pieces of art in two of the galleries. The Hood Museum is conveniently located on campus and is not only a great place to do homework and explore, but a free activity for all ages to enjoy.

Lucky's Coffee Garage
One of my favourite off-campus spots to hang out and do homework is "Lucky's Coffee Garage". Lucky's is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire and is a short drive from campus. The coffee shop serves different kinds of hot and cold beverages with an array of breakfast and lunch items. With free wifi, its one of my favourite little get-away spots.

Richardson Hall
I took this picture of Richardson Hall for a discussion post I was writing for my English class. This discussion post required me to research a building on campus that has been in use for over a hundred years. I chose Richardson Hall, a freshman dorm, because of how beautiful the architecture is. When researching the building, I found a photo of Richardson from 1911, I was so surprised at how little the building has changed over the past 100 years. At Dartmouth, some of the most architecturally incredible buildings on campus are our dorm rooms!

Gabriela and I!
This is a picture of my teammate, Gabriela, and I this past Sunday. We spent the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather with some of our other friends.

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