Jul throwing discus.
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Here's a picture of me exploring Dubrovnik, Croatia!
The view of Old Town, Dubrovnik. We stayed right around the corner from where this picture was taken!
Dubrovnik is situated on the Mediterranean Sea.
Wandering around a Dominican Monastery.
We had a picnic on top of Mount Srd, overlooking Dubrovnik.
The food in Croatia was incredible!
We bought our groceries at the local market.
The view of "King's Landing" from Game of Thrones.

I have officially decided my favourite part of studying abroad - traveling. Here's why. 

The more I explore the world, the more I appreciate my liberal arts education. Whether it's understanding the historical political situation of a country thanks to my history class, or being able to converse with locals in France because of our language requirement, Dartmouth's liberal arts education is preparing me for a global life. And while learning in the classroom in Hanover is an incredible opportunity, there is nothing like being able to apply the knowledge that I have gained these past two years in the real world. The study abroad programs offered through The Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education not only allow Dartmouth students the opportunity to further their education in a specific subject or field, but also to practically apply their liberal arts education. 

During my time in Edinburgh, I am able to take six weekend trips to visit different countries (seven, if you count my trip back to Hanover for Homecoming). Most recently, I joined two other Dartmouth students in an adventure to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I was really excited to visit Dubrovnik because many of the scenes from "Game of Thrones" were filmed here and after my Game of Thrones English class last winter, I am a fan! Here are some pictures!

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