Jul throwing discus.
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Taking in the view of Mount Moosilauke.
The bridge leading to the trails up the mountain.
Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
Solo exploration!
Youth Camp
Trail Head
The Road Less Travelled

Last week for my internship at the alumni office, we were able to have one of our staff meetings at Mount Moosilauke. A part of the White Mountains, Mount Moosilauke is home to Dartmouth's beloved Ravine Lodge, where studdents often begin their Dartmouth experience during First Year Trips. While the hike to the top of the 4,802 foot peak grants unbelievable views of New Hampshire, the beauty of the base of the mountain cannot go unnoticed. After our staff meeting, I was able to sneak away and spend some time exploring the base of Moosilauke. I spent some time alone in nature, reflecting on some of the reasons I love Dartmouth (Moosilauke being one of them!).