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One of my favourite parts about being a student at Dartmouth is the D-Plan. For those of you that aren't familiar, it refers to Dartmouth's flexible calendar which allows students to tailor their four-year academic plan to their studies and interests. The D-Plan requires all students to spend their freshmen year, senior year, and sophomore summer on campus in Hanover. The other nine-terms, however, are open for students to study in Hanover, abroad, complete an exchange term, get an internship or conduct research - the possiblities are endless! Not only does this allow Dartmouth students to have many unique learning experiences, it allows varsity athletes, like myself, to study abroad, get an internship, and spend time at home with our families.

The D-Plan also means that you are not always on campus with your best friends. Over the next two terms, some of my friends will be studying at Dartmouth, abroad in South America, some working internships around the United States and some spending a term at home with their families. I am so excited that my friends (and myself!) are having these incredible experiences. However, our parents and friends from home often ask us, "how do you keep up with your friends when you are scattered around the world?". There's a list of ways to stay in touch with your friends on different D-Plans. 

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