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Mac vs. PC


I am really curious to hear your thoughts on Windows vs Mac at Dartmouth and whether there are any issues with compatibility or just ubiquity of either system on campus. And of course, which you would recommend?

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I used a Windows computer all throughout high school but switched to Mac when I started college. Many of my teammates recommended getting a Mac because most of the systems that Dartmouth uses are fit for Mac operating system.

Why We Rushed

This week, I asked some of my sisters of Alpha Phi why they decided to rush and join Greek life at Dartmouth...

Reasons Dartmouth Feels Like Home

Starting college can be a scary event -- especially if you are moving away from home. Here's a list of some of the reasons why Dartmouth now feels like home to me. 

My 18W Classes

The start of winter term means the beginning of three new, exciting classes. Whether you are taking a class for your major or to fulfill a graduation requirement, it is important to elect classes where you are interested in the topic.