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Picture of the snowball fight

Dartmouth is known for its annual traditions, featuring well known events like the homecoming bonfire and the winter carnival polar plunge. As much as I love those events, there is one tradition that takes the cake – the campus wide snowball fight. During the first large snowfall of the school year, our esteemed alumnus Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) rises from his eternal slumber to send one very Seuss-like email to the entirety of campus. Beginning with, "Snow! There's snow! There's lots of snow! Lots and lots of snow to throw!" he invites everyone to a school wide snowball fight at midnight, right on the Dartmouth Green at the center of campus.

Year after year, hundreds of people partake in the snowball fight. People usually start trickling in around five minutes before the fight in droves, and by midnight the green is packed with people. While there are usually a few premature snowballs thrown in the minutes leading up to the madness, all chaos breaks loose the second the clock strikes midnight. Snowballs are launched from all directions at anyone in sight. Clubs, sports teams, and groups of friends try to stick together to fight other cohesive groups. Soon friend turns on friend, chasing each other down and tackling themselves to the ground. Soon you get lost in the sea of people, searching for familiar faces to pelt with a snowball, picking small skirmishes with strangers. Is it appropriate to throw snowballs at people you don't know? Absolutely. If they don't like it, they can throw some back. Everything but ice is fair game at the fight. It's also very easy to feel like a hero during the event. I personally tackled 3 or 4 people into large snowbanks, held my ground against three random people while my friends were too busy taking pictures behind me, and caught a nicely packed snowball targeting a friend of mine right out of the air, just to return it to its sender. Adrenaline ran high, but the enjoyment ran higher.

Every year I end the snowball fight with a trip to get some late-night snacks. At this point I am usually covered in snow, so being in the warmth of the Collis student center gives me a chance to thaw off in the company of good friends and food. Then, as the adrenaline wears off, it's time to call it a night, and I can rest easy knowing I answered the call of Dr. Seuss to "Come and throw some snow with me, you will like it, you will see!"

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