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Sometimes schools, sports, and life seem to come at you non-stop. That was case for me this weekend, when I found myself preparing for a race, catching up on schoolwork, and finishing up a bunch of real life stuff (like finding after-graduation employment). Amidst the hustle and bustle of a Dartmouth term, it's always a good idea to find a little time to relax and enjoy yourself, even if it's only briefly. 

Ice Cream Fore-U


Ice Cream Fore-U
A busy Friday night at Ice Cream Fore-U.

Located about nine miles south of campus, Ice Cream Fore-U is a popular spot for Dartmouth students and people in the Upper Valley. After a long week of school and practice, some friends and I made the trip down to Ice Cream Fore-U on Friday night. Beware -- the portions are ridiculous. A "baby" sized ice cream is equivalent to a small at most other ice places, and a large is well... probably at least two times larger than the large you would get at most ice cream places. Even if you can't eat the whole thing, you'll enjoy the dozens of flavors. Also, Ice Cream Fore-U gives out free ice cream on the last day of the season before closing for winter--and what's better than free ice cream?

Racing Against Boston University

Okay, this was definintely not the chill part of my weekend. If you haven't kept track it's been pretty cold here in Hanover, and Saturday was no exception. Add on winds that topped 12 MPH and you get some pretty choppy conditions on the water. Even so, it was a great day for Dartmouth Heavyweight Rowing, winning 3/4 events including the 1V, 2V, and 4V 4+ races. And yes, winning more than makes up for miserable weather. Don't worry, I took like a three hour nap after racing.

blog_3024 × 4032_boathousebay.jpg

Boathouse Men's Heavyweight Bay
Enjoy this aesthetically pleasing photo, not taken during the rainy and overcast day of racing.

The Final Year

Remember 2016? Yeah, me too. The Final Year, screened at Loew Auditorium in Black Visual Art Center this past Saturday, recaps the Obama Administration's foreign policy during its last year in office. Yes, I am a Film major. Yes, I am also a Government major, so you can imagine I have a few things to say about it. Though I can't count this as one of my favorites, this film has some interesting elements. The documentary has a wow factor to it. Let's be honest, many people are still nostalgic about the former president, but the documentary also highlights other key foreign policy players like Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, UN Ambassador Samantha Powers, and Secretary of State John Kerry. In all, the film was a great respite from the pile of homework that I did later than night (I may or may not have gone to bed past 2 am). Also, I just realized I took a break from my homework to watch an intellectual docmentary, so did I really even take a break??


Homework... yes I just literally did homework all day. Well, I did some laundry too... and this blog post.