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Jon in a boat

Winter provides plenty of great opportunities to take great pictures or do fun activities, but summer is still my favorite time of year. Summer is especially exciting at Dartmouth because there's so much to do.

The top of Camel's Hump with my friend Amanda.

A day after returning from the IRA Championships during the interim between spring and summer terms, I stayed a night in Hinman Cabin II before driving through Vermont and hiking Camel's Hump Mountain. What's especially cool is that students who are members of the Dartmouth Outdoor Club (DOC) can rent DOC cabins all over the Upper Valley for only $5.00 a night, while non-DOC students pay $10 a night.

Summer is also great for spending time on the Connecticut River. Canoeing on the Connecticut last summer was actually my first time on the river not rowing, and it was a blast.

There is a photo in the boathouse from the late 19th century with rowers in nearly identical poses.

Though most of the rowing team is off during the summer, I had a bunch of fun hanging out with my fellow sophomore summer teammates. In addition to rowing through the week, the we would also barbecue and listen to music on the weekends. The school year can be quite a hectic time, but the summer was a nice time to get back to basics and enjoy my teammates and the sport.