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Jon at table at Big Fatty's

As the weather gets nicer and the school year nears its conclusion, it's only right to enjoy the last few weeks in the Upper Valley. What better way to spend time than eating my way through the Valley? Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the dinning options on campus, but there's some awesome off campus options all over the area.

Big Fatty's BBQ

If you asked me what my favorite type of food is I would probably say BBQ, so Big Fatty's is right up my alley. You can easily get to Big Fatty's if you or a friend have a car, or you can rent a zipcar on campus -- it's only 15 minutes drive from campus. The restuarant has a bit of everything BBQ related including chicken, pulled pork, brisket, wings, and much more. 

I went to Big Fatty's earlier this week and ended up getting a lot of food. To be fair, I was really hungry.


Big Fatty's After
I was completely unproductive for the rest of the day...

Four Aces Diner

Four Aces is a off campus favorite for Dartmouth students. It is without a doubt my favorite place to go for breakfast. The diner serves breakfast classic such as omlettes, eggs benedict, french toast, and pancakes. Four Aces also has a bunch of creative dishes like donuts wrapped in bacon (and regular donuts too) and the "Hangover Helper" which has fries, bacon, cheese and gravy (no hangover required and it's really good). Lastly, the restuarant has a classic nostalgic dinner-style that just feels so right.


Four Aces Diner
Does it get more classic diner-looking than this? Half of eating is about the ambience, right?


Four Aces Diner Before Food
I'm happiest when I'm eating.

And Lastly...


Ice Cream Fore U... Again
Yup, I got ice cream again.