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Black Athlete Dinner
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With a seemingly endless number of ways to spend time outside of the classroom, many students actually struggle deciding where to dedicate their time. One extracurricular group I've found most engaging is the Afro-American Society--known as the AAm for short.

"The Afro-American Society (AAm) was founded in 1969 as a means to improve the academic excellence of Black students on campus...Today, as always, the Afro-American Society is an organization dedicated to addressing the needs of Black students at Dartmouth. The AAM provides an important campus forum for the discussion of local, national, and international issues." (AAm)

This past summer I had the opportunity to attend several AAm events and found them all engaging and worthwhile. Moreover, AAm events allowed me to grow stronger connections with other students, some whom I knew before and many whom I got to know better. AAm events can cover some heavy and controversial topics, but many events are enjoyable and exciting. Lastly, AAm events aren't exclusive to students of African descent. In fact, many events include a diverse range of students from all backgrounds.