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In what ways does Dartmouth make the campus experience affordable for students (beyond financial aid)?

A: Jenny with crossed arms

Great question! From my experience, there are many ways that Dartmouth tries to eliminate potential barriers that students may face financially. Most activities offered on-campus are free or take into account financial need. For example, all but one of the Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC) trips that I have gone on have been free. The one that wasn't free involved going to a climbing gym about an hour from campus, and that was still less than $15.

In addition, Dartmouth offers a variety of P.E. classes, which many students take in order to fulfill the requirement of three P.E. credits for graduation. I have taken spinning, aerobic kickboxing, and beginner skiing. While these activities, in particular skiing, can be expensive, there is a Ski School discount for students who receive scholarship funds from Dartmouth and financial aid for all Outdoor Programs Courses.

I've also taken advantage of some of the free sessions at the Donald Claflin jewelry studio on-campus. The jewelry studio often invites a guest to share their expertise in jewelry-making, and I attended one with Tim Lazure. We received a tutorial from him on how to tube set and we were given materials to set a ring of our own. If you're more interested in being a regular, you can also buy a membership for the term for $12 and create your own jewelry!

Collis After Dark and Programming Board are two of the student organizations that plan regular programming, which are almost always free. For example, just this week, there were outdoor escape rooms, crafting sessions, a light festival (with free burritos), and virtual conversations with Nick Kroll, a comedian. I've loved going to events like these with my friends over the years, they're a great way to relax and have fun without breaking the bank.

Lastly, I'm a member of a sorority on-campus, which at first I was hesitant about because of the costs. However, I've been able to receive financial aid every term I've been a member by filling out a scholarship form. This helps to ensure that members do not only consist of students who can afford dues and acts as a step in the right direction for more inclusive Greek life. Overall, these are just a few examples of times during my Dartmouth experience when I felt like there were resources available to make sure activities were affordable to everyone!

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