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lou's brunch

Lou’s Restaurant & Bakery, affectionally known as Lou’s, serves breakfast, lunch, and dessert. But if you ask most people, myself included, they will tell you that Lou’s is the perfect spot for brunch. 

The restaurant is named after Lou Bressett, a former Marine who returned to Hanover and remodeled a failing restaurant into the one that stands on Main Street today. Opened on April 11, 1947, Lou’s has remained an integral part of Dartmouth’s atmosphere and food culture for decades.

Besides acting as the hub of activity on weekend mornings, Lou’s has also become the center of a Dartmouth tradition, one of the many that Dartmouth students partake in. The Lou’s challenge involves staying up all night and heading to Lou’s at its 6 a.m. opening time for a hearty breakfast.

Although I personally have never completed the Lou’s challenge, (and part of me hopes that I will never have to, given how much I love sleep), I remember some of my friends were brave enough to stay up all night after watching a meteor shower on the golf course. At the crack of dawn, they headed to Lou’s, intent on crossing Lou’s challenge off their bucket list. And while I only occasion Lou’s once in a while, the most recent occasion being Easter weekend, many of my friends are regular customers, going to Lou’s every Saturday morning like clockwork.

If you want to see just how much Dartmouth students love Lou's, take a peek at the line of people waiting to be seated on a weekend morning. And not only do all those people want to eat at Lou's, but they are willing to wait for half an hour or more for it. But honestly, the food is worth the wait. Although Dartmouth may not have the quantity or variety of local food options boasted by more urban areas, Lou’s Restaurant will not just satisfy, but go above and beyond all of your cravings for breakfast carbs and sweet delicacies.

If you do end up going to Lou’s, my personal recommendations, along with those of my friends, include “The Little Green,” Poached Eggs on Salmon Hash, Buddha Bowl, and Lou’s cold local Apple Cider.