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In the next part of my posts about various libraries around campus, now’s the time to focus on Sanborn Library – one of the coziest places to be. I can’t count the number of times that I asked a friend to join me at Sanborn, only for them to say that they’re afraid of falling asleep there. I have to admit, it’s may not be ideal for those who need to really concentrate and work, but for light reading, there’s no problem.

The library is decked out with elaborate chandeliers, leather armchairs, and planks of wood that serve as makeshift desks for those lounging in the armchairs. Sanborn Library is also home to the English Department faculty offices and seminar rooms. Last year, I even discovered an underground tunnel to Baker-Berry Library, which I have used for a “warm cut,” also known as a shortcut taken to escape the cold outside.

The library was made for Edwin David Sanborn, a member of the class of 1832 and an English professor. He left behind a tradition still appreciated by students to this day. Every weekday between 4 and 5 pm, teatime commences. With free tea and cookies available with a small donation, it’s the perfect way for students to relax. A cup of tea does make everything better, something that Edwin Sanborn took to heart.

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