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How did you become a blogger? What was the process like?

A: Jenny with crossed arms

Great question! First of all, let me just say that becoming a blogger for the Admissions Office was something I never planned to do (or frankly, even knew about before coming to Dartmouth). The summer before my freshman year, I received an email from someone who worked in Admissions, inviting me to apply to join the inaugural cohort of bloggers.

I was told that the bloggers submit one post a week on a variety of topics and post formats, spanning from playlists to "days in the life" and interviews. To apply, I sent in a document stating why I was interested, relevant experience, and a writing sample. I mentioned that although I loved to journal, I had never written for a blog before. Furthermore, I had turned to student blogs as a resource while I was applying to colleges, and found it immensely helpful, for it provided me with a more personal voice.

In high school, I was very involved with our school newspaper along with a Humans of New York spin-off that featured the stories of students, staff, and guests on social media. Although blogging about my Dartmouth life is markedly different from writing opinion columns and interviewing random students during lunch, it still was an avenue by which I could become more involved with the community.

Even more than I had imagined, blogging has allowed me to meet so many interesting, talented, and passionate people who I likely would not have met. It has also been a creative outlet for me, and I genuinely love interacting with prospective students through the blog. Finally, finding moments or aspects of Dartmouth to blog about, whether that be my favorite class of the term or a cool event I attended, has forced me to be more introspective. Instead of just spending my free time in my room watching Netflix (though there's nothing wrong with that), I try to go to political events, watch shows at the Hop, and find new things to do at Dartmouth to write about! 

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