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The autumn season at Dartmouth is quite stunning visually, as you may have gotten a glimpse of from other blog posts or our Instagram. But it’s also an eventful time of the year. With a brand-new class wandering around the campus, First-Year Trips just completed (in which a significant number of upperclassmen participate as trip leaders or members of other crews), and the start of the official academic year, fall is a time like no other.

My term was not an exception to the hustle and bustle. This summer, I anxiously listed my commitments out, which include student clubs, jobs on campus, and research, and eyed my organic chemistry book lying on my desk. But with all ten weeks of fall term already past, I can confidently say that I thoroughly enjoyed fall term, and if it is an accurate reflection of the next (four!) terms I’m on, I will be a happy camper for sure.

Here are five things that made my fall term so great:

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