snow Dartmouth

What I'm Looking Forward to in the Fall

Although it will surely be different from previous terms, I'm looking forward to being back on-campus. I miss the sunsets as I walk from the library to FoCo, asking my friends to study on the Green with me, and so much more about being at Dartmouth.

Hobbies at Dartmouth vs. at Home

Besides just taking on new hobbies like embroidery and digital art, I've witnessed a transition in my hobbies at Dartmouth, as I've been living at home for almost eight months now. 

Five of My Favorite Assignments

Since I'm not taking classes this term, I thought it would be fun to look back at five of my favorite assignments throughout the years.

If I Could Talk to My Younger Self...

...what would I say? It's a question that has been at the back of my mind as I've matured from a freshman to a senior, especially now that my sister is an incoming '24.