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Fluids Lab

9:05 AM

I roll out of bed.

9:42 AM

I join the line for KAF (King Arthur Flour) in the library. I order a hot latte, thinking ahead about keeping my hands warm during the long trek to the Life Sciences Center (LSC) (only about ten minutes, but still).

10:10 - 11:15 AM

Instead of our usual lectures in Dartmouth Engineering (the engineering school), this week for Environmental Engineering (ENGS 37) we have field trips. My group meets up at the LSC for a tour of the LEED platinum certified building. 

11:26 AM

I grab some soup from Novack and head to the stacks to work on my pre-lab for ENGS 22 and my risk-assessment homework for ENGS 37. The stacks are colder than the rest of the library, which keeps me from falling asleep.

Prelab in the stacks
Finishing up the fluids lab pre-lab in the stacks.

2:10 - 3:15 PM

In class for Systems (ENGS 22), we go over fluidic systems. You can model a lot of fluidic systems with electrical circuit analogs. Pressure differences in fluidic systems are like voltage differences in electrical systems, and therefore volumetric flow in a pipe is going to be like current through a wire. For example, the fluidic system I modeled for the pre-lab had an analog series RLC circuit. I already knew the rules for the electrical system, so it made solving for the fluidic system fairly simple. How cool is that?

4:35 - 5:25 PM

Tim, a local architect, teaches lessons on the CAD program Rhino 3D every Wednesday for our Architecture II x-hour.

Isabel Arch 2 Section
My rhino skills are getting better! I learned how to use a clipping plane to get this section image of my project.

6:30 PM

I grab a quick dinner at Collis then walk over to Dartmouth Engineering.

7:00 - 10:00 PM

It's time for lab! There are three different RLC systems with different capacitances to look at. My lab partner and I analyze the one with the smallest capacitance. We determine resonant frequency for the system as well as other necessary values. I finish lab quickly and gleefully leave an hour and a half early.

Fluids Lab
The three tubes act as different capacitances due to their respective sizes.

9:10 PM

I distribute candy to my residents, because surprise, it's Halloween! I'm a UGA for upperclassmen, which is essentially like an RA at other schools.

9:37 PM

My friend sends me an SOS text about the pre-lab (he has lab the following day) so I meet up with him in the library to help. I feel incredibly cool and smart because I know how to do everything. Was I just as confused as him two days ago? Absolutely. It just goes to show that a lot of learning can take place over a short period of time.

10:43 PM

My friend lets me back into my building because I left my ID in my room (oops!).

12:12 AM

I crawl back into bed. It's been a long but fulfilling day.

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