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North Park at Riverview Farms
Honey and other goods
Apple picking

North Park on bus

New England fall is idyllic—what better way to spend it than to go apple picking? During a fall weekend, my residential community, North Park, took a trip to Riverview farms to do just that. 

I might be biased, but of the six residential communities, North Park is the best. We might be the smallest, but we have great people. I am one of the undergraduate advisors (UGAs) for North Park upperclassmen. My UGA role is similar to a residential assistant (RA) position at other schools in that I live in a dorm and take care of people on my 'floor', or, in my case, the whole wing of my building. I live in Woodward, which is the center wing of Ripley, Woodward, and Smith, the building that houses most of the North Park upperclassmen. Due to my role as UGA, I am heavily involved in the residential housing system.

Dried flowers

Walking at Riverview Farm
Hannah '21 and Cammy '22 at Riverview Farm.

The leaves on the trees around Hanover had just started to turn colors. This made for a beautiful drive down to the farm. We loaded up a school bus and drove south through Main Street in Hanover. To the right side of the road, we caught many glimpses of the Connecticut River. As we drove along, I was reminded of my sophomore trip where I canoed down that exact section of the river. I chuckled when we pulled into the farm because I spotted a rock in the middle of the river where one of the people on my trip jumped out of his canoe and got stuck. For more about sophomore trips, I encourage you to check out my blog post here!


Isabel picking berries

Everyone at Riverview farms was taking advantage of the good weather. There were plenty of things to pick: apples, raspberries, blueberries, and pumpkins, which North Park covered, and additional things too, like flowers and honey. I picked Honeycrisp and McIntosh apples while chatting with Cammy '22, who I knew from North Park Executive Council and Hannah '21, the UGA for Ripley. The apples were absolutely delicious. Cammy and I went to pick raspberries while Hannah got a maple creamie, a special type of ice cream. About an hour and a half after we arrived, we all piled back up into the bus to drive back to campus, our arms filled with fresh apples and raspberries. 

Cammy and I finished our raspberries before we even arrived back on campus. 

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