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How awesome can a Saturday be? Mine was totally tubular this week. After a great brunch in Lyme’s Latham House Tavern, I set off for some tube sliding with the Living Learning housing Communities (LLCs), and I just have to tell you all about it!

Casually warming up by the fire with my tubes.
This was one of those events which sometimes pop up in our Blitz, our internal e-mail. When I saw it, I knew I had to go. Especially because I had no clue what ‘tube sliding’ meant. Do you slide on or in the tubes? How big are the tubes? Is this outside or inside? My curiosity was great as I hopped on the bus with about 30 other LLC peers. During the drive, I met some new, awesome people, and we became quick friends who would be with me for the remainder of the trip. That’s why I love these trips: they are amazing opportunities to meet new people, especially in the cold of winter.

So apparently, tube sliding does not mean sliding on a BUNCH of plastic tubes. It means getting a pool tube (we have a lot of those in Brazil) with a plastic base and sliding on it down an icy hill. I would not have guessed in a million years. Still surprised, I was directed to a ramp up the hill, picked up a tube and up, up I went.

Tubing makes me tired! And yet, I'm still smiling!
Atop the hill, I awkwardly positioned myself on the tube, my friends directing me a bit. I pushed myself toward the slope, and down I went. Boy, these tubes go fast, and I was not prepared. The wind blowing on my face, adrenaline rushed. As soon as I got down, all I wanted was another slide. And I had many of them: sitting, laying down on the tube, spinning, in a two-people tube, four people going together… An absolute blast! Our group of fast friends became more and more tight-knit, to the point that, after we took the ride back to Dartmouth (and got some good sleep on the bus :p), we even decided to go party together to close off a Saturday to remember.

In College, you’ve got to balance your play time and your work time. Dartmouth helps us do so by offering programs such as tube sliding. These totally tubular events are a lot of fun and easy to plan, since UGAs and Housing staff handle the complicated parts. I am definitely looking forward to what they will have in store for us next!

Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-tube with my friends!

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