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Nurnmacher views
Outside The Window
Cabin sunrise

Snow is what you make of it. I spent last Friday night up in the mountains, jammin' in a cabin with the Cabin and Trail club, one of the many things that make Winter term the best time of the year!

CnT, as we call the club, is part of the Dartmouth Outing Club. They organize weekly meetings to discuss their planned trips for the week. Ranging from 9.7-mile hikes near the Skiway to chill sleepovers in one of Dartmouth's numerous cabins, there's something available for both seasoned and fresh hikers. I, as the freshest hiker there is, chose a Friday sleepover as my first club activity.

Glockenspiel at Night
Playing the Bells at low light... Nothing beats it!

My adventurous spirit soared as I waited behind Robo (Robinson Hall), my Bells resting on my lap. We were encouraged to bring musical instruments to this hike, to make this a real Jamfest® in the woods. Our group of nine soon got together, and we drove to the side of the Appalachian Trail, instruments resting on our laps. Led by a student leader, we spiked up our boots and started our ~0.75 hike up the snowy mountain, heading for our cabin. 

It was quite the climb: wind in our faces, darkness all around, and quite an inclination to overcome. We, however, pressed on. Past the highway, past the snow, and even past the skiway. Soon, we were at the doorstep of our home for the night: Nunnemacher cabin.

Cabin Fun!
Jammin around the fire!
Built in 1957, Nunnemacher is one of the ~20 cabins Dartmouth students may rent for personal use during the year. The cabin itself has three rooms: a kitchen, a living room, and an attic. It can house up to 20 people, and heating comes from the wood stove in the kitchen. As soon as we got in, we were treated to a beautiful view of the woods around us. Basking in it, we started the fire and soon we were jammin' our many guitars (and glockenspiel). Eating snacks and snuggling up to escape the severe cold outside, we all knew we made the best Friday night plans ever.

After a lot of fun, the night got the better of us and we went to sleep around the fire. It kept us warm, and I had an amazing night of rest. In the morning, we packed up and made our way back down the trail, through the snow, and to the parking lot. Our van was waiting for us - a little bit frozen, of course. After dealing with this minor detail, we were on our way back to campus. Our wilderness escapade went from 7 p.m. to 9 a.m., allowing everyone to get on with their Saturday activities.

Walking back to Campus after an amazing night...

I came back wanting more. Few things are prettier than the New Hampshire wilderness, and having the DOC offer everyone the chance to see it for basically free (my trip was $1!) is more than unique. I hope that soon I can have another experience with people as amazing as the ones that went up to Nunnemacher with me. Not even the cold could keep me from it!

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