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Long time no see, Hanover. How long has it been? Six months and three days? Not that I've been counting, of course. Oh, who am I kidding? I couldn't wait to see you again! How have you been? You look so familiar and yet so different… As I walk over to McLaughlin, my old dorm building, I see the construction near Baker-Berry is done, and the new building near Geisel is almost complete. I need to pick up my boxes and take them to the other side of campus. That's because, as a new year starts, I get a new housing assignment. And the housing I got will let me see a new side of my beloved Hanover.

This time, old friend, I'm housed near the Alumni Gym, as far away from McLaughlin as you can go really. Both a blessing and a curse: on one hand, I had to carry some pretty heavy boxes for a long distance. On the other, I got to take a good look at you, tiny city, as I walked by. How empty you look without all the students bustling around! Are you ready for them to pour out of the Dartmouth Coach, to once again take refuge in your arms? As I settle down in my apartment, I see the snow has already made itself a home, painting you a lovely, peaceful white. A true invitation to go indoors and enjoy the company of my new roommates, fellow Marching Band members. You have a talent for bringing us together, don't you, Hanover?

My friends help me unpack and set up my dorm room. Boxes are unpacked, posters go up, books are placed and just like that I have made myself a space to call my own. It might seem small, but let's be honest here, dearest town. My "home" is not limited to this enclosed space. Anywhere I roam in cozy Hanover, full of friends and welcoming faces, I will be at home. Boy, it's good to see you again.


Gui '22

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