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A couple weeks ago, the Dartmouth Outing Club hosted Sophomore Trips (aka "Strips,") a popular summer tradition modeled after freshman year trips. (To any '25s reading this post, I highly recommend the experience! It's a singularly fun and quintessentially Dartmouth way to meet fellow students).

Strips, just like Trips, offer a wide range of activities, from single-day "least strenuous" hikes to two-day "most strenuous" hikes to flatwater kayaking to white-water rafting to cabin camping! What's not to love?

I had so much fun getting to see trip leaders dressed up in the traditional flair (wacky, bright, fun clothing that is essential to every Dartmouth wardrobe! From neon socks to Thing-One-and-Thing-Two shirts to shuttered sunglasses to inflatable reindeer antlers, it's a familiar sight on weekends like this one). I have many close friends who either led a trip or participated in one themselves. We have nothing but good things to say about the program! For this post, I'd like to bring you a virtual trip, one through Hanover's gorgeous flora and fauna, which is wide-awake and ready to be marveled at now that it's summer.

From flocks of hopping chickadees to my favorite creaky-voiced choir of crows, to the the chipmunks which race in streaks of brown and black and white across campus in search of their friends, to the mother doe I saw picking her way delicately through the heather-soft meadow that surrounds Occom pond this season, summer has already afforded us some beautiful sights! 

For anyone who hasn't visited campus or, like me, is new to Dartmouth in this particular season, I hope you enjoy!


Wildflowers! They grow in knots all over campus -- no hiking required to find these beauties!

If you've read my "fairy tale" blog post, you'll understand why I automatically associate this view with a magical forest. That said, I'll let you in on a little secret: you can find these pretty white flowers all around Occom!

Reflective puddle
Rainstorms always leave us with lots and lots of looking-glasses like this one. If you're visiting, don't forget your rainboots for puddle-jumping!

Don't you love these sunflowers? You can find lots more at the Norwich Farmer's Market, a short drive from campus and popular summer destination for students!

I couldn't believe it when I spotted this doe picking her way through the meadow around Occom Pond. Doubtless she's avoiding the adorable campus puppies, but fortunately she doesn't seem to mind the human attention!

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