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This is it, lovelies. Week 10. How the term has flown by! To those of you applying to colleges, I hope you get the chance to rest soon, close your dozen tabs of choice and enjoy the weather (depending on your hemisphere, it may look similar to Hanover's…)

Finals begin this week. I am deliberately not dedicating this post to stress or studying; I'll save that for personal time. But just so you know, I no longer think I will be an Econ major, and my current companion of choice is a Chinese textbook.


I'm sure no matter what year you are, finals week is stressful. No doubt you already know that. Funnily, at both my high school and at Dartmouth, administration has shown their support by choosing a day of finals week on which to make complimentary pancakes for students. Something about syrup-sticky hands always made my morning math final seem somehow less frightening. 

And that brings me to my point for today's post: finding the little things to motivate you through stress and bring your commitments into perspective. 

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