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Snow ducklings

You read that right, guys. Though there is no shortage of schoolwork here, many students have found a work/life balance which leaves room for moments of enjoyment and relaxation.

Just in case this is the reason you clicked on my post, I'll admit that my involvement thus far with the Greek System has been minimal. I couldn't tell you when "on nights" are nor which house is the most fun. The reason, more often than not, is bedtime. For those of you who did your best to adhere to a regular sleep schedule in high school (success rates notwithstanding), I definitely get it, and there's many of us in college. On the other hand, some of my close friends get by on far less sleep than I do; I love them but wonder where in my genetics it is spelled that naptime and "a night in" should be two of my favorite pastimes. And yet! We coexist beautifully, the early birds, the night owls, and me. 

Whoever you are, the point is this: no matter how much free time you have or what your interests are, you can have fun on campus. 

To give you a realistic idea of "fun," here are some of the things I've done this week to "treat myself" amidst the excitement of Week 7.

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