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As a Northeast girl turned Seattleite, my relationship with coffee is a dynamic one. I used to be a massive tea drinker, supplementing my studies with daily doses of tea in an experiment of exactly how many cups I could wring out of one bag before I was left drinking briny water. Ten was generally my maximum. Somewhere in the college process, I guess we ran out of tea, because slowly it became my habit to enjoy a cuppa coffee every morning. If you're reading this and identify with drinking coffee, high five. I promise this post is for you, and what it lacks in technicalities (what is a cappuccino? Why are espressos so tiny? Why isn't Starbucks' light roast just dark roast + milk? How do they get the pumpkin spice flavor in there?) it hopefully makes up for in enthusiasm. 

When I arrived here, I was determined to maintain a few of my favorite daily rituals from home, and coffee has become one of them.

As I type this, I'm sitting in the Baker-Berry library lobby waiting for King Arthur Flour Cafe (KAF) to open. I'm not exactly thrilled that I arrived half an hour early, but it offers excellent opportunity for reflection. So, dear readers, here is a dissertation on some of students' favorite coffee locations on campus. 

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