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Summer term at Dartmouth is - in my humble opinion - one of the best terms I (and maybe you!) will spend here, and I am sure that my feelings about summer term are obvious from my last few articles rejoicing in the frequent river swims, picnics, and ice cream dates that this warm weather permits. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we aren't at summer camp during the summer term, but instead that the majority of the '20s on campus right now are taking a full course load of classes, plus doing research and corporate recruiting on top of all that. Personally, I have a lot of extracurriculars going on: triathlon, Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault, Movement Against Violence, Latin Heritage Month planning committee, and more, but surprisingly, one of my classes has actually been the most fun thing, outside of swimming in the river, that I am doing this term. My Sculpture I class has been so much fun so far, and we are already about to be in Week 4 of summer term! Don't ask me how three weeks went by just like that, but I guess time flies when you're having fun!

As you can tell if you've read my article, "So You Think You Can SART?" I am a huge proponent of everyone at Dartmouth taking at least one Studio Art class before they graduate. You can fill your art requirement with a number of Art History, and even Chinese calligraphy courses, but Studio Art classes like drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, or photography have such a hands-on feel that is always so rewarding at the end of the term. Sculpture I is my first experience with sculpting, and over the course of the term, we will work with cardboard, wood, plaster, and possibly ceramic, wire, or a number of other mediums depending on the amount of time left in the very short ten-week term. So far, we are all still working on our first piece with cardboard and hot glue. The assignment was a non-representational self-portrait with one dimension as tall as you are, and another as wide as half your wingspan. It has been really cool to see my classmates make such different projects with the same prompt, and it has been interesting for me to explore both working in three dimensions and considering what "makes me, me" in order to create a sculpture that best represents who I am. Art has always taught me a lot about myself, and sculpture has been no different. It is a lighthearted, fun environment where we get to work with our hands and help each other figure out how to make things stand up straight and look the way we want them to. If you are interested in engineering at all, you will love sculpture, but even if you're not, I hope that you consider giving it a shot. I promise you will not be disappointed!