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As someone who won't receive financial aid but whose parents aren't eager to provide spending money, I'm wondering how students manage expenses for activities, day-to-day items, and outings. I'm also wondering if the College provides many free events?

A: Emma

In terms of off-campus activities, there are a lot of great things to do in nature around campus, like hiking, that cost nothing or next to nothing. Lots of restaurants in town are affordable if you’re looking to eat out; my favorite are the 99-cent slices after 9pm at Ramunto’s Brick and Brew. Pretty much any event the College puts on is free of charge for students, including sporting events like football games. Students get impressive rates for shows at the HOP that can be paid with your student card. Campus jobs are varied and abundant and can range from 2 hours a week to up to 20. I personally have worked three or four jobs per term in different departments, and it has all been very manageable. I hope this helps!