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girl riding bike

This weekend I did the craziest thing I have ever done: my first full IronMan triathlon! It was a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run - 140.6 miles total - and it was the best-worst day ever, but mostly the best! I still feel like I got hit by a truck two days later, but it was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. I couldn't have done any of it without my coaches and teammates on Dartmouth Triathlon Team, who kept me motivated and encouraged me for the entire year of training it took for me to get to this point. 

There is a lot that goes into IronMan training besides just swimming, biking, and running a whole lot. I also did a lot of mobility and strength work, recovery sessions with my foam roller, and special skills training for things like cornering on the bike and sighting on the swim. I had to closely monitor my (vegetarian) diet to make sure I got in enough of the "right kind of" calories. I spent countless winter weekends in the gym for six hours in a row doing long endurance workouts. I had to drive to Fit Werx bike shop in Vermont several times to get fitted for what ended up being a brand new bike that I have named Lola. I had to learn how to change an inner tube on my bike tire, how to take apart the handlebars, aerobars, and seat post to fit my bike into a bike bag so I could travel with it, and which gels and shot blocks made my stomach upset and which didn't. Those things may not seem like a lot of fun, but swim-bike-running with my team absolutely was, and the moment I crossed the finish line at IronMan Texas is up there with the top three best moments of my life. There is absolutely nothing else like it in the world, and I am already signed up for my next race (IronMan Santa Rosa 2019) - despite the utter pain of the first - just for that finish line feeling! 

Check out my pictures of the race and days leading up to it. I pushed myself to my absolute limit and I can't wait to see just how much further I can go in the future. 

checking in bike
Checking in my bike the day before the race

swimmers in water
The swim start!

girl with bike
Me at the first transition, about to start the bike leg


girl running through finish line
Blurry me speeding through the finish line!

mom and girl with ironman sign
Me and my mom after the finish!