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My signature smoothie recipe, "Green Goodness": peach, strawberry, banana, kale, pea protein, OJ & water. Seriously, try it.

I speak from experience when I say being a vegetarian/vegan (aka veganitarian) is not easy, especially when you make the move from home to college. All of a sudden, you don't have the same access to the foods you are used to and you have to figure out how to maneuver Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) menus and schedules to make sure you're getting the calories you need. But worry not, young veganitarian prospies. I am a seasoned plant-based enthusiast, here to help you achieve all your veggie dreams at Dartmouth! Here is a comprehensive list of my favorite DDS veganitarian meals and hacks.


  1. Tofu scramble: little-known secret - you can order a tofu scramble at the egg station in Collis. You can also add spices (highly recommend) and all of the same toppings you would with eggs.
  2. Vegan bread and baked goods: Collis's little bakery section often has fresh-baked vegan bread. You can use this bread to make your own sandwich (or bring it to the sandwich station and they will use it for you). Plus, there are usually vegan desserts available. My personal favorites are the pumpkin chip squares and the zucchini brownies (don't knock it 'till you try it).
  3. Smoothies: soy milk and soy protein options are available!
  4. Stir-fry: grab your own veggies from the salad bar to add to your stir-fry. Tofu is also a choice at the counter.
  5. Avocados: if you're feeling fancy, you can grab an avocado from the checkout line and use a piece of the aforementioned vegan bread to make avo-toast.
  6. Sushi: During made-to-order sushi hours, you can order veggie rolls (think avocado, carrot, cucumber) with brown rice. It isn't an option on the sheet, but just check "avocado roll" and write the rest in the "notes" section.

two pieces of bread with recipe card
My favorite fresh-baked vegan bread at Collis!

Foco/'53 Commons:
  1. Stir-fry: at Foco, you can physically cook your own stir-fry, which gives you a lot of control over what goes into it. Expert tip: grab quinoa and veggies from the salad bar to add to the traditional stir-fry ingredients. Expert tip #2: beans, rice, veggies of choice, tofu, garlic, hot sauce, + tortilla = vegan burrito.
  2. Herbivore station: half of these options are vegetarian, and half are vegan. They always have a vegan pizza option and a vegan cookie. The chocolate cookies and the "cheese" and broccoli pizza are the best of the bunch.
  3. Soups: usually one of the two options is vegan or vegetarian. Black bean and lentil are my favorites.
  4. Panini station: self-serve panini presses for whatever sandwich concoction your heart desires. Vegetarians, a caprese (mozzarella and tomato) with pesto wrap is the way to go. Vegans, try a hummus and veggie panini.
  5. "Ma Thayer's Station:" this station is meant to serve home-style meals. There is usually a meat component to the main meal, but with a separate cooked veggie on the side. The rare vegetarian meal that's really great from Ma Thayer's (in my humble opinion) is the stuffed shells.
The Hop:
  1. Veggie burger: this is your basic run-of-the-mill black bean burger, but you can dress it up with guac and change the bread to a vegan option.
  2. Meatless Bob: this is basically an egg and cheese wrap (sorry, vegans, this one's not for you), but you can add spinach and tomato/choose your cheese/choose your wrap. It's all about customizability for us veggies.
  3. Avocado toast: a good option, but better if you make it yourself at Collis.
  4. Cold case: pre-packaged options like vegan chana masala are popular, plus plain fruit, tofu, hummus, and carrot/celery sticks.

Of course, these aren't the only veganitarian options at Dartmouth, but just a few of my favorites. Vegetarians, you do have a wide variety of regular pizza and desserts available at Foco every day, plus salads and sandwiches at King Arthur Flour (KAF) in the library. Vegans, I'm sorry to say that it's a hard life for us no matter where we go, but it's the life we chose. Happy eating!