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As someone who came to New Hampshire from Florida, I was very intimidated by the cold weather. It took me a little bit to acclimate, for sure, but eventually I realized that the snow can be fun and that there are a lot of really great winter activities to do in Hanover. I even wrote a blog post about Winter Carnival activities for people who are afraid of the cold (aka me). But now, since it's finally spring, I can stop consoling you all about the cold weather and tell you just how BEAUTIFUL Dartmouth can be when there is warmth! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, so many students have emerged from who knows where to hang out on the green and on the Collis patio and basically every other green sunny space on campus. The absolute beauty of the Upper Valley in spring is worth trudging through all of the winter snow and rain. I can't help but tell you the best things about spring at Dartmouth because I am just SO HAPPY that the sun is out again!