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Campus life at Dartmouth is chock-full of different clubs and groups to join, and your tour guides are telling the truth when they say that if there is something you are passionate about that doesn't already exist on campus, you can find the resources to start it. Personally, I've been kept busy enough with all of my extracurriculars, most of which are activist groups that center around sexual violence prevention and response. However, I have been so preoccupied with those extracurriculars (and classes, of course) during "normal" terms on campus (read: not sophomore summer) that I haven't taken advantage of a lot of the "hidden" perks of being a Dartmouth student. One perk I just discovered (and have been making good use of this summer!) is the Dartmouth Outing Club, and even more specifically, renting cabins!

Dartmouth owns a lot of property in New Hampshire, and since we have such an outdoorsy campus culture, a lot of those properties lend themselves well to hiking, climbing, skiing, and camping. Some of the properties Dartmouth owns include ten to fifteen off-campus cabins across the state that students are able to rent through the Dartmouth Outing Club. These cabins range from one-room cabins to two-story cabins that can sleep over twenty people, and can be less than a twenty minute drive away from campus to over two hours away. Students can reserve these cabins for only $10 a night.

My favorite cabin so far is Hinman Cabin, which is located in Lyme, New Hampshire, about thirty minutes away from campus. It is very close to the Dartmouth Skiway, which would make it fun to stay at for an entire weekend in the winter. Hinman Cabin is a one room cabin with a loft, kitchen, wood burning stove, and large dining table. It can sleep up to nine people comfortably. The best part about Hinman, besides its relative closeness to campus, is that it is right on the shore of a reservoir. There are two canoes available to anyone who reserves the cabin, and the reservoir is the perfect temperature to swim during the day and go for a paddle in the evening. All of the windows and doors at Hinman have screens, so there are no issues with bugs inside the cabin, and there are even two docks (one on the shore and one floating dock) to lounge on. Last time I visited Hinman, my friends and I went for an evening swim and then woke up early the next day to watch the sun rise over the water and go for a morning paddle. It was one of the most beautiful, serene nights and mornings that I have had so far at Dartmouth - take a look for yourself with the pictures I included, taken by myself and my friend Kayla Rivera-Hoskinson. Weekends at Hinman will be some of my most treasured memories from sophomore summer, and I am so grateful to have discovered this awesome resource before it was too late. 

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