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collis student center in the summer

It is pretty well known that Hanover has gorgeous autumn colors and snowy white winters, but no one really talks about the weather during the summer. Most upperclassmen will say that their sophomore summer was one of the best terms they've spent at Dartmouth, and while I am only a few weeks into my sophomore summer, I am inclined to agree. There is something really special about being on campus with almost only my graduating class. I've met so many new classmates that I may not have crossed paths with before, there are a lot of cool class choices that are only offered during the summer, and Collis and Foco are not nearly as crowded as they are during a "regular" term. There is so much to do on campus and in town during the summer, but this term in particular has been very hot. Being originally from Puerto Rico and Florida, I didn't think I would ever be too hot in Hanover, but I have been proven wrong about that. Most dorms don't have air conditioning, and many classrooms don't either. If this worries you, don't fret! I have found some ways to stay cool during the hottest parts of the summer to share with you.

1. The big buildings on campus usually have air conditioning. Choose a study space in one of these: Kemeny/Haldeman, Baker Berry Library, Rauner Library, Black Family Visual Arts Center, or Collis. The stacks in Baker Berry Library are especially cold, but my favorite place to cool off is Collis because of the proximity to food at Collis Café and Collis Market, plus a great study space in One Wheelock. 

2. Buy a fan for your room and leave it on constantly. The bigger the fan, the better. You could also get a small window air conditioning unit, but it may be a hassle to move with after summer.

3. If you have a mini fridge, wet some small towels or old t-shirts, put them in a ziploc bag, and stick them in the freezer overnight. If you tend to overheat really easily, this is one of my best tricks to cool off fast.

4. Take frequent trips to the river. There is nothing better than jumping into the cool river on a really hot day. You can make a full day out of it by visiting The Ledyard Canoe Club and renting out a canoe or paddleboard. You can pay with your Dartmouth card and there are special rates for students. 

5. Always carry a water bottle and fill it with ice whenever you can. Big Nalgenes are ubiquitous on campus over the summer, and for good reason. 

6. Stock up on sandals, shorts, tank tops/light t-shirts, or sun dresses. Speaking from personal experience, the last thing I want to be wearing when walking from class to class in the sun is long pants. Sunglasses and hats are also a major plus.

Summer in Hanover can be your best term ever. Beat the heat and see just how much this beautiful place has to offer!