majestic tree

5 books to read on the Green in spring!

I am obviously still caught up in how beautiful the weather is on campus during spring, and I have been constantly looking for more ways to enjoy it.

Good Riddance, Snow!

As someone who came to New Hampshire from Florida, I was very intimidated by the cold weather.

Secret Fun Stuff To Do on Campus

Some prospies are a little shocked with how small the town of Hanover seems when they visit, and worry that there won't be enough things to do in their free time.

Learning Languages


Hello, I am incoming 22 and I'm very interested in learning languages, but I noticed that Dartmouth doesn't offer any Korean language courses. Are there any resources for learning a language not taught directly by Dartmouth faculty?

A: Emma!

Hi! If you’re interested in learning certain languages that aren’t officially offered at Dartmouth, it is likely that there is a club or organization for that language that you can join.