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A photo of Baker tower

Becoming a blogger for the admissions office was, like most aspects of my Dartmouth experience, something that I did not anticipate--maybe I'm starting to sound like a broken record but there have just been so many unexpected things these past few years! Either way, here are four reasons why I chose to become an admissions blogger and why I'm excited to continue blogging this year as a Senior Admissions Fellow.

1. To increase accessibility

Prior to embarking on my college search, I had never heard of Dartmouth. When it finally did pop up on my radar during my junior year of high school, I wrote it off because I erroneously thought they did not have the major I wanted to pursue. It wasn't until I visited Dartmouth (at the insistence of my parents) that I realized the falsities of my preconceptions about the school. This visit and the subsequent research I did about Dartmouth afterward even prompted me to apply Early Decision.

I almost missed out on attending Dartmouth simply because I didn't know much about it. As an admissions blogger, I hope to increase accessibility for students (and parents) to learn what Dartmouth is all about--or at least what my own experiences at this school have been--without necessarily necessitating a campus visit. I hope that my stories can help others determine whether or not Dartmouth is the right fit for them.

2. For the community

"Community" seems to be a favorite buzzword when it comes to college, but I think it genuinely applies to the blogger fam and admissions officers I've been fortunate enough to get to know this past year. The admissions office employs students from a variety of backgrounds who represent a number of different parts of campus, so I have particularly enjoyed getting to know other bloggers who I likely would never have otherwise met. And, with termly kick-off celebrations, low-key and flair-filled photo shoots, and meals at Canoe Club, there have been plenty of opportunities to get to know the other bloggers and AOs in both professional and casual settings.

3. For the opportunity to reflect

As you may be able to discern from my bio, I like to be busy, filling my daily schedule with classes, clubs, and social engagements that I truly enjoy. However, these commitments can also make it difficult to prioritize reflection on a daily or weekly basis. That's where blogging comes it! Being a blogger for Dartmouth Admissions allows me the opportunity to sit down each week and write about my life in college. Not only do I benefit from reflecting on my experiences, but I also now have a digital archive of my stories--something that I will continue to look back on (for nostalgic purposes) for years to come.

4. Because I LOVE Dartmouth

I think this one can speak for itself. I genuinely love Dartmouth and feel lucky to be able to share my experiences and stories with all of you!