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A photo of a pagoda in Tokyo from Colleen's summer research trip
Colleen in Tokyo in the summer
Colleen at a temple in Kyoto

This winter break, I will be traveling to Japan for three weeks, marking the ~seventh~ time I have gone abroad at Dartmouth in the past three years. Though I spent time in Japan over the summer for my Stamps Scholars research project, I did not anticipate returning quite so soon. Coming into fall term, I projected my winter break to be a little more relaxed than past years, allowing myself to take some time to be at home in Buffalo with my family instead of jet-setting to another part of the world.

Well, all of that changed mid-October when I received an email from the Director of the Tuck School of Business's Onsite Global Consulting program encouraging me to apply for a social entrepreneurship consulting project in Tokyo for winter break. I had first met the Director during my Paganucci Fellowship in Peru but had no idea that this sort of opportunity in Japan was open to undergraduates, especially because the program has historically been for second-year Tuck MBA students. 

As I soon learned, the Tuck Onsite Global Consulting projects were usually for second-year Tuck students (as I knew), BUT each year they select two undergraduates to join four MBA students on a Japan-based social entrepreneurship project. Upon applying, interviewing, and being selected for the program, I was immediately introduced to my Tuck teammates whose backgrounds span the tech world, consulting, product design, and non-profit work. When combined with the fact that our faculty advisor--who will be traveling with us--is the Executive Director of Tuck's Center for Entrepreneurship, I don't think this project could be any better of an opportunity to learn from incredibly accomplished individuals while getting to experience Japanese business culture.

So, that's how I am going abroad for the ~seventh~ time with Dartmouth's support. It seems like everyone on the team is fairly adventurous, meaning that we are in the process of planning a weekend ski trip to the northern-most island of Japan and looking into doing some hiking during our time in-country. And, while I cannot share the exact content or scope of the project I will be working on because of the NDA I signed, what I can say is that we will be stationed in Japan but working with cross-cultural, international partners in Bangladesh, India, and Ethiopia. This project is going to be quite the whirlwind, for sure!

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