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Are non-partying students able to find their niche?

A: colleen holding a pennant

Absolutely! I choose not to drink and very rarely engage in the party scene on campus, and I've still been able to find an incredible community of friends whose interests match my own. I ended up meeting a lot of these people through my Living Learning Community, my freshman floor, and the clubs I'm involved in--though it may not always seem like it, there are lots of 'non-partying students' on campus! I have never felt pressured to drink or party on campus, and I've really been able to find a great community of people who, like me, would rather hang out and play games, watch movies, go to concerts, or dive into deep discussions rather than go out and party. However, a few of my closest friends here do enjoy to engage in the party scene, which is totally fine! I know that I always have an open invitation to join them if I ever feel like going out, and I really do appreciate having friends from a variety of niches on campus.